A Henna Alternative for the 21st Century

April 30, 2021

For thousands of years, henna tattoos – or mehndi – have adorned the bodies of men and women from around the globe. Whether as part of the ceremony of a wedding or in celebration at an event or special day, henna is a part of many people’s lives.

At Prinker, we want to honour this practice while opening it up to more people. That’s why we’ve created a family of devices and services that let anyone, anywhere adorn their body with beautiful designs quickly and easily. With Prinker, you’ll have everything you need to bring this ancient and beautiful art with you wherever you go.

Professionally done mehndi is truly stunning, but its intricate designs require care and skill to apply, requiring hours of stillness by the subject to ensure that each line is perfectly placed. The cost of these services can be substantial as well, with a single application requiring many cones of henna and the time of a trained and experienced artist.

At Prinker, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty that is mehndi. Our DIY henna tattoo alternative doesn’t require someone else to apply, meaning that you can enjoy a range of beautiful designs anytime, anywhere. Ideal for events and parties of all sizes, our temporary tattoo solutions use the latest technology, to print high-resolution temporary tattoos on skin in seconds. These tattoos are waterproof and last for up to two days, while still being skin safe and washable with soap. Fully compliant with EU CPNP and FDA VCPR regulations, Prinker is safe to use by children and adults, meaning the whole family can enjoy the experience.

Prinker is proud to offer our customers a truly state-of-the-art temporary tattoo device – the Prinker S. Cutting-edge optical sensors and ultra-high-resolution imaging capabilities combine in the Prinker S to deliver temporary tattoos that are faster, sharper and more realistic than ever before. Capable of producing both rich blackwork and vivid color pieces, the Prinker S represents the pinnacle of temporary tattoo technology.

Combined with the Prinker Content Platform, the Prinker S is fully capable of delivering the depth, complexity and intricacy of traditional henna. The Prinker Content Platform offers Prinker users access to thousands of community created designs – as well as the ability to upload their own. Simply find your next tattoo on the Prinker app, download it to the device and you’re ready to go. The ability to create your own designs means that the henna patterns you’re already used to can be easily transferred to the Prinker – just sketch them in any digital art program and upload them to our servers.

Discover a new way to beautify your skin with Prinker. Browse our range of devices and consumables and start creating today. Order now for fast, affordable shipping anywhere in the world.