Social Distancing with Kids? Try DIY temporary tattoos! – Prinker

March 24, 2020

Schools are closed. Kids are home. More time is spent indoors. Are looking for quarantine-friendly activities to keep your kids entertained (and yourself sane!)? If yes, then Prinker is here to help you!

Grab Prinker device for some DIY custom temporary tattoos while you practice social distancing as the coronavirus spreads throughout world.

Kids enjoy drawing shapes and characters, love to color and doodle. Time to bring their art to life and make temporary tattoos out of their art! Just give your kiddos tablet or phone, open Prinker App and let their imaginations soar.

You can also use coloring templates to improve color recognition and motor skills of your kids. Learning how to tell the difference between red, pink, green, yellow might not seem like a big deal for you, but it brings a sense of accomplishment to your kid. And what would be more exciting than getting together a matching tattoo colored by your kid?

Dot-to-dot is another fun way to boost counting and alphabet skills. All with a little reward at the end – a completed picture that can be changed in seconds into a colorful tattoo!

Prinker was created with kids in mind. Prinker App is a space for kids to get creative and let their imagination flow can be a great way to keep them busy… and let you have some time off 😊

If you would like to share how you and your kids play with Prinker, use the hashtag #prinker so we can spot it on social media. Happy prinking!