Temporary Star Tattoo Ideas

November 22, 2021

Star tattoos have always been a classic go-to design for those looking for a meaningful tattoo or someone who just wants a neat, aesthetically pleasing star design. Check out our list of star tattoo ideas- every tattoo showcased in this article can be found in Prinker’s growing tattoo library!

Star tattoos have been trending in recent decades for their simplicity, you could find them in practically any art style. It’s a very gender-neutral tattoo design, even suitable as a meaningful couple tattoo if you are looking for a matching couple tattoo idea.

A unique star tattoo with a twist. Design by transitivebullshit

Women often seek out small star tattoos as a feminine addition to their style- treat it as a small jewellery piece at the back of your neck, on the wrist or back of the ear! Here are some star tattoo designs for women:

Design by ninasi

Shooting stars are very popular due to their aesthetic appeal as well as meaning behind them. Ever had someone meaningful tell you to ‘reach for the stars’ or that you’re a star? Get a star tattoo in honor of them!

Design by Prinker Korea

This colorful planet and stars design would be adorable at the collarbone or along the forearm, suitable for a fun party with friends or family! Star tattoo designs represent a sense of adventure, fun and courage. Dazzle both kids and adults with some color...

Design by Mini Lau

Are you an astrology enthusiast? You might like constellation tattoos or other symbols to show off your horoscope! Showcase your constellation sign proudly with our designs here:

A simple Leo constellation design by Prinker Korea

Scorpio constellation with cartoon symbol by Prinker Korea

On the other hand, men star tattoos are also available if you prefer a design that is more neutral or on the masculine side. Opt for something dark and monochromatic.

Design by Prinker Korea

Design by M_Ink

Temporary star tattoos can be fun for a one-day party with friends- show it off with your new party outfit this season! A small fake star tattoo adds subtle glamour, or go for a huge star-shaped tattoo for a good conversation starter!

A cluster or row of star tattoos looks good on anyone along the collarbone, back of the neck, wrist or forearm. Celebrities like Rihanna have a whole galaxy of star tattoos, she shows hers off whenever she wears a backless dress.

Design by imran khan:

Design by Prinker Korea:

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